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What is the nylon used by the nylon thermal fuse?
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[Nylon thermal fuse] Thermal fuse is a product with a variety of textile fibers into a certain fine product, for web, rope, line, knitting and embroidery, etc. The nylon thermal fuse is a product that is machined from the polyamide fiber into a certain fineness. So what is the nylon used by nylon thermal fuse?

Polyamide is commonly known as nylon, English name Polyamide (referred to as PA), is a thermoplastic resin containing repeated amide group-[NHCO] -, including aliphatic PA, fat-aromatic PA and aromatic Pa . Among them, there is a large variety of aliphatic PA, large yield, extensive application, which is named by the specific number of carbon atoms specific carbon atoms in synthetic monomers. Involved by the famous American chemist Carrops and his research group.

Nylon's appearance brings new looks to textiles. Its synthesis is a major breakthrough in synthetic fiber industries and is a very important milestone in polymer chemistry.

Nylon is a term for polyamide fibers (nylon), which can make long fibers or short fibers. Nylon is the commercial name of polyamide fibers, also known as nylon. The polyamide (PA) is an aliphatic polyeria that is attached from an amide bond ([NHCO]).

The nylon thermal fuse is made of low melting polyamide spinning. Low melting point polyamide is a modified polyester, and the nylon hot melt produced by low-melting polyamide spinning has the advantage of low melting point, high thermal bond strength and stability of physical chemical performance.

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