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The new medical antibacterial polypropylene fiber material was successfully developed!
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The medical protective antibacterial polypropylene fiber material QY40S developed by Lanzhou Chemical Research Center of China Petrochemical Research Institute and Qingyang Petrochemical has excellent performance in the evaluation of long-term antibacterial performance. The first industrial product was placed for 90 days after Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus were antibacterial The rate is not less than 99%. The successful development of this product marks that PetroChina has added another blockbuster product in the field of medical polyolefin, which will further enhance the competitiveness of my country's polyolefin industry.

Antibacterial PP fiber

Antibacterial grade textiles are widely used and have strong social demand. This year, the global production of spunbond nonwovens will increase to about 4.8 million tons, of which two-thirds will be used in medical and disposable antibacterial hygiene products. At present, the domestic demand for non-woven fabrics for medical and disposable antibacterial hygiene products is about 300,000 tons per year.

The key to the development of antibacterial polypropylene fiber materials is to develop antibacterial additives. It can give polypropylene antibacterial and antifungal properties, which directly determine the quality of antibacterial polypropylene fiber material. After scientific research, Lanzhou Chemical Research Center has developed a high-efficiency composite antibacterial additive for polypropylene fiber material. It has the characteristics of less addition and uniform dispersion, which can ensure the antibacterial and mildew-proof properties of polypropylene fiber products, and meet the low ash index requirements of the spinning process, and improve the product quality of conventional polypropylene fibers.

On December 15, 2021, a new type of medical protective antibacterial polypropylene fiber material QY40S added with compound antibacterial additives successfully completed industrial trial production at the polypropylene plant of Qingyang Petrochemical. During this period, the device was running stably, and the product performance was fully up to standard. A total of more than 300 tons of qualified products were produced, realizing the first industrial application of high-efficiency composite antibacterial additives in PetroChina's polypropylene production plant.

The new medical protective antibacterial polypropylene fiber material QY40S has excellent long-term antibacterial properties, which can provide high-quality and high-efficiency raw materials for medical protective non-woven fabric manufacturers, enrich the grades of medical polyolefin products in my country, and optimize the product structure of Qingyang Petrochemical. , and also provides a new transformation and upgrading plan and benefit growth point for the same type of polypropylene production plant.

Zhenhai Refinery plans to produce more than 10,000 tons of special non-woven materials!

In April, Zhejiang Ningbo Zhenhai Refinery's production of non-woven special materials increased to 11,000 tons, exceeding the total sales in the first quarter of this year. According to the conversion of one ton of raw materials in the industry into non-woven fabrics for processing 6500-7000 sets of medical protective clothing, it can support the production of more than 70 million sets of medical protective clothing.

Non-woven special material is a kind of polyolefin raw material processed by petroleum refining, which can be used not only for the production of non-woven fabrics, an important component of medical protective clothing, but also for masks. With the recent severe epidemic situation, especially the increase in the amount of medical protective clothing in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, non-woven fabric processing enterprises have increased the production of medical protective clothing fabrics to meet the current domestic and foreign demand for epidemic prevention materials.

In the face of the impact of the epidemic, Zhenhai Refinery has actively assumed the social responsibility of Sinopec to fight the epidemic, strengthened the integration of planning, sales, production, logistics, and factory coordination, highlighted the rapid response of the market, and actively secured the supply of anti-epidemic materials.

On the evening of April 1st, a Suzhou company's request for help was transferred from Sinopec Chemical Sales East China Branch to Zhenhai Refinery, the largest chemical production base of Sinopec in Ningbo, Zhejiang: Suzhou customers use non-woven fabrics for medical protective clothing. materials, facing material outages, urgently in need of procurement. At this time, the special non-woven material Y40 just produced by Zhenhai Refinery is still in the silo. According to the conventional packaging plan, this batch of goods will not be delivered to the factory until 8:00 the next morning at the earliest. The Zhenhai Refinery Business Planning Department immediately worked with the production and operation, quality management, logistics and distribution departments to handle urgent matters, and completed the quality inspection and packaging as quickly as possible, with priority loading and delivery of 60 tons. At about 23:00 that day, Y40, the special non-woven material, was loaded on two large trucks and sent to Suzhou overnight. On April 2, it was just dawn, and the truck had arrived at the location of the customer enterprise in Zhangjiagang, Suzhou, ensuring the timely supply of anti-epidemic medical supplies.

It is reported that, in addition to special non-woven materials, M60T, a melt-blown cloth modified material for medical masks, has also increased production simultaneously to supply downstream customers everywhere.

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