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How can fibers change the world - green polyester, green textile!
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At present, a new round of technology revolution and industrial change is reconstructing global innovation maps, advanced function fibers have become the focus of global development. The National Advanced Function Fiber Innovation Center was officially established in the national third national-level manufacturing innovation center issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued on June 25, 2019. Since its establishment, the Innovation Center has established the "gathering" and scientific research of technology innovation resources in the field of fiber, high-tech textile, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, etc. The goal of "booster" transformation.

Here, the national advanced function fiber innovation center works in "Textile and Apparel Weekly" to "see how fibers change the world - National Advanced Fiber Innovation Center Alliance Research Direction Series", through introduction of innovation center shareholder units and alliance companies Results, showing the development status of advanced functional fibers and the future direction.

Today, "Carbon-Carbon Carbon Normalization" is actively advocated, environmental protection is not only a fashion, but also a responsibility. Under the basic national policy of saving resources and protecting the environment, all walks of life have implemented the most stringent ecological environmental protection systems to form a green development method and lifestyle. The fibrous material industry also achieved certain results in green development, however, we also have to see that in the chemical fiber industry, more than 80% of the proportion of polyester fibers remain completely solved by catalyst pollution and flame retardant technology issues. To this end, in the National Advanced Function Fiber Innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as the Innovation Center) and the Alliance's "14th Five-Year" key technology innovation route map, it is clearly indicated that it will focus on the development of green auxiliaries, green functional materials, etc.

Green consumption demand is urgent

Today's China Textile Industry, chemical fiber accounts for a total of 80% of the total amount of fiber processing, with polyester fibers accounting up to 80%. However, for polyester, there has been no complete solution problem, and therefore, from the high-efficiency flexibility of polyester manufacturing, no antimony environmental protection is the entry point, throughout the process of green, product function composite, solve the chemical fiber concentration Long-term accumulation emissions in districts lead to high-rise and soil environmental antimony content have always been a key issue in the development of polyester industries.

At the same time, although my country's total chemical fiber has more than 50 million tons, the flame retardant fiber is less than 100,000 tons, and my country's demand for flame retardant fibers exceeds 1 million tons per year, with more than 5 million tons of world demand. my country's flame retardant is generally facing environmental, cost, efficiency, selection, composite bottlenecks, and the development of flame retardant fibers is also subject to preparation technology and performance, standard normative, limitations of import and export, and the soundness of decree laws. Restriction of factors.

In addition, the environmental protection of the chemical fiber oil, the chemical fiberous environmental resistance of the oil, and the green treatment of the waste oil is also a topic that the fibrous material industry is very valued. However, the current chemical fiber oil is still in a large number of imports, and it is urgent to break through.

According to Mei Feng, Chairman, Chairman of the National Advanced Function Fiber Innovation Center, in order to promote the green development of the fiber industry, the model innovation and development, the innovation center has developed a development road map for development of environmentally friendly catalysts, green oil agents, flame retardant polyester fiber preparation technology. It is proposed that the efficient flexibility to be manufactured from the polyester is proposed, and there is no antimony environmental protection as the entry point, and the greening of the whole process, the function of the product is completed, solving the long-term accumulation emissions of the chemical fiber aggregation area leads to the surface water and soil environmental antimony content.

Flame retardant polyester fiber preparation technology, to establish 10,000-ton flexible, intelligent polyester melt-spinning industrialization operating device, overcome long-term environmentally-friendly flame retardant polyester fiber and product industrialized kit; establish a whole industry Chain Engineering Common Development System. 2022-2023, we must improve and increase the quality level of my country's flame retardant textile and non-chalruite and flame-retardant polyester in the shareholders' unit. By 2024, the application promotion of environmentally-friendly catalysts and flame retardant polyesters in the whole industry.

Green chemicals, special function finishing aids research and development progress

Since its establishment, the innovation center has promoted the development of industrial green manufacturing as one of the main development directions. In recent years, in the development and industrialization of non-strait polyester fiber, environmentally friendly domestic polyester filament FDY / POY oil, etc. I have spared no effort, and the corresponding laboratory has been established. The high-level R & D team, which has been established by the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Full of flowering.

Mei Feng said that in 2021, the innovation center has driven a sparer power of green catalysts and oil retrograms, and cooperate with shareholders and alliance members to carry out the test certificates in non-chasting fibers, optimized polyester melt delivery and distribution, spinning and After the rear processing process, a titanium catalyst is formed in a polyester melt brake kit, and the titanium polyester filament and a series of differential polyester products are developed. The overall technology is in the international advanced level; Ltd. completed the R & D and verification of environmentally friendly domestic polyester filaments, developed green oils with high anti-static, high intendles, high smooth and smooth, and meet FDY high-speed spinning requirements; with Donghua University, Jiangsu Port Hongki Co., Ltd. jointly develops non-chasting catalysts, which is based on titanium catalysts, improved puzzle of polyester having a polyester produced by tide catalyst activity due to a tide catalyst activity.

Innovation Center also conducts research and innovation of innovative elements that support the development of polyester industrial chain, condensed the commonality of environmental protection domestic oil agents, layout related application basic research and prospective research, synthesis from interface treatment agent components, single group The structural and performance of the division, the design and preparation of the formulation to the interface treatment agent to form a set of "process kits" technology for the evaluation of the polyester spinning process and the evaluation of the fiber processing spontability, focus on functionalization FDY, POY , Carbon fiber, polylactic acid, aramid, polyphenylene sulfide, exterior interface treatment agent used to "card neck" in the domestic chemical fiber industry.

With the development of green products, the relevant standard certification system needs to be improved, and the innovation center is also actively promoting the revision of the green chemicals and catalyst-related standards. Mei Feng introduced that the relevant standard system with non-bismuth fibers as an example, in addition to the design and preparation of the titanium catalyst, the engineering technology research and variety development operations also collected existing titanium catalysts on the market. Test and evaluate their ingredients, physicochemical properties, appearance performance and catalytic performance, promote titanium catalysts and differential slices, and fiber products. At present, the Innovation Center has hosted three industry standards, participated in the national standard system; with national textiles and fiber testing centers to meet ecological environmental protection and functional testing.

In addition, the Innovation Center also jointly launched the "Green Fiber Trusted Platform". The platform uses the national secondary node analysis technology, block chain technology, supply chain traceability system, etc. Take back the platform, the purpose is to create our own transparent, traceable, trusted industrial Internet platform, maintain green fiber, textile market order, and create this platform into an international first-class certification platform in the future.

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