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Talking about the birth history of nylon thermal fuse
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Nylon thermal fuse is also called polyamides, mainly for synthetic fibers. The advantage of its outstanding is 10 times higher than that of other fibers, 10 times higher than the cotton, 20 times higher than the wool, and slightly add some polyamide fibers in the blended fabric, which can greatly improve its wear resistance; 3-6%. Can withstand tens of thousands of inflations and fracture. Today, Xiaodeng tells everyone how this chemical fiber product nylon thermal fuse is found.

In 1930, nylon thermal fuses have been discovered a little spider mart, and the people who have found nylon hot fuses are scientists assistants. He found the experimental reaction products when doing experiments.

In 1930, Carhass Assistant found that the high polyester obtained by polycondensation of the diol and dicarboxylic acid can be melt the filaments, such as cotton candy, even the fiber filaments, can continue to stretch, and the tensile length can be several times. After cooling and stretching, the strength of the fibers is greatly improved, elasticity, transparency and gloss.

The strange nature of this polyester provides them with a prerequisite that it may have significant business value such that the molten polymer spinnel fibers can be used. However, persistening studies have shown that the fibers obtained from polyester have only theoretical significance. Since the high polyester is melted below 100 ° C, it is particularly soluble in various organic solvents, but it is slightly stable in water, so it is not suitable for textiles.

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