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【Chemical Fiber News】 It is understood that Jilin Chemical Fiber Group is the largest production capacity of carbon.
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On December 28, 2021, Jilin Chemical Fiber Group Guoxing Carbon Fiber 2 carbonation was successfully driving, and on the same day, the group 1, 2 original wire, and 1 prepreg production line simultaneously drove.

At present, the year production capacity of Jilin Chemical Fiber Group reached 60,000 tons, 25,000 tons of carbon production capacity, which is the country.

In 2021, under the intimate care and support of Jilin Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, Jilin Chemical Fiber Group planned and launched 200,000 tons of carbon fiber full-industry chain projects, as a carbon fiber project that enabled an important role in the development of industrial chain, but also overcome Unfair, scientific organization, rapid advancement, 2 # carbon wire is Article 5 carbonized lines that Guoxing carbon fiber companies have been put into production. A bunch of black carbon is condensed with the attention of the group, and it is more condensed with the heart and sweat of the country.

The smooth production of the 1 # prepreg production is an important measure in the Jilin Chemical fiber extension carbon fiber industry chain. This is a new downstream fabric product after carbon fiber pulling, and the woven fabric will effectively expand carbon fiber in sports leisure. Application of quantization and other fields.

Since this year, the Jilin Chemical Fiber Group has been put into output 4 original silk, 8 carbonized lines, downstream products including wind power pulling plate production line, woven fabric, and prepreg. The 150,000-ton raw wire project has been opened, and it has begun to enter the equipment installation phase. It is expected to put into production in 12 original silk lines next year. At the stage, all in the first half of next year; 12,000 tons of carbon fiber projects through Northern Northern District are accelerating, and 4 carbonized lines will be put into production next year; in 2022, the total production capacity of carbon fibers is close to 50,000 tons. Be

Next, according to the "Four Sixth Five-Year Plan" development strategy of Jilin City, Jilin Chemical Fiber Group has planned 400,000 tons of carbon fiber industry chain project, including 120,000 tons of raw silk project, 60,000 tons of carbon fiber project, and downstream pulling. Preparation, carbon prefabrication, etc. At the end of "14th Five-Year Plan", Jilin Chemical Fiber will form 330,000 tons of original wire, 100,000 tons of carbon fiber, 65,000 tons of production capacity, carbon fiber plate output value reached 40 billion yuan, to create "China Carbon Valley" in Jilin City lays the foundation .

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