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Committed to high quality nylon thermal fuse manufacturer
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Dragon Group High-tech Sockets is a product dedicated to the development and production of nylon:

(1) Nylon thermal fuse, we are manufacturers with large domestic production and sales, and the price is ranked.

The nylon thermal fuse is made of low melting polyamide spinning. Low melting point polyamide is a modified polyester, and the Niger hot melt produced by low-melting-point polyamide spinning has a low melting point, nylon thermal fuse has the advantages of low melting point, high thermal bond strength and stability of physical chemical performance..

(2). Research and development TPU special filaments (two-component compounds) and other products fill the domestic gap.

(3) The launch of the hot melt film is also added to the hot melt series of products. The launch of new materials will provide environmentally friendly and excellent performance products for shoe, clothing, luggage, furniture, decoration and other industries. During the period in China's economy, the Dragon Group continues to break through themselves, adhere to the research and development of products, and continuously increase the type of product, to realize one-stop service for the convenience of shoe materials, business varieties include hobby, , Jacqua Kakab, circular materials, and 3D fly-like upper.

Fujian ZhangpingXielong Group High-tech Chemical Fiber Company Co., Ltd. leading products of include:nylon thermal fuseTPU special filament, polyester thermal fuseTPU hot melt omentum, PA hot melt omentum,.The company has always adhered to the 3s core service tenet: "saving time, cost savings, saving losses", advocates a total of industrial value, and is committed to providing a better solution for the overall industrial chain. Plan, welcome to buy the nylon thermal fuse,polyester thermal fuse!

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