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The "standing" and "breaking" of filament weaving must find these points correctly
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China customs data show that in the first quarter, the cumulative export of chemical fiber filament fabrics reached 5.41 billion meters, an increase of 8.1%; The export value was 4.73 billion US dollars, an increase of 6.2%, higher than the overall textile export growth rate of 4.2 percentage points.

"Since the beginning of this year, the filament weaving industry has been moving forward in the recovery, the operation quality and efficiency have increased steadily, and foreign trade exports have been stable and improved, achieving a good start." In the recently held China Filament Weaving Association three four council and six executive director expansion meeting, Wang Jiayi, president of China Filament Weaving Association, pointed out that the "good results" achieved by the industry are not easy, which is inseparable from the enterprise actively in the "establishment" and "break" in the exploration of new momentum.


In Wang Jiayi's view, the core of the filament weaving industry is innovation, strengthening product innovation and expanding application boundaries is crucial. "With the deep application of new raw materials, new technologies, new equipment and new processes in the field of filament weaving, the functionality and differentiation of filament fabrics continue to break through." Enterprises should deeply study the downstream market segments, unlock more application scenarios, and lead and create new demands."


In recent years, China's filament weaving industry has unswervingly taken the road of ecological priority and green development, and constantly improved the "green content" of industrial development, highlighting the determination of filament weaving enterprises to "break the cocoon".

Wang Jiayi introduced: "The association through the recent industry-wide 'water jet loom wastewater treatment and water reuse' special research found that the filament weaving industry clusters and enterprises are very important to sewage treatment work, the use of centralized unified treatment and self-treatment two ways to achieve 100% sewage treatment, most areas to achieve 100% water reuse, zero sewage discharge."

In recent years, in addition to continuous optimization of water saving and emission reduction measures, filament weaving enterprises have also accelerated the construction of green low-carbon recycling systems, actively researched and developed green textiles, and improved the recycling rate of waste textiles.

Fujian Baichuan Resource Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the best. The regeneration combined with anhydrous coloring process technology developed by the enterprise not only breaks the traditional energy consumption mode, reduces the dependence on oil, but also fundamentally solves the environmental pollution industry problems caused by water dyeing, fully solves the problem of small batch, fast response and diversified market needs of customers, and has been widely recognized by the industry and the market. The company has polyester silk, Oxford cloth, knitted fabric and other products, has become a well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers of recycled raw materials suppliers, products sold all over the country, but also exported to Europe, the United States, South Africa and other markets.

"To achieve the reuse of yarn, bobbin, packaging materials and other spinning equipment. It is best if companies do not use packaging materials, and if they do, they should recycle them." Wang Jiayi also reminded that enterprises should do everything possible to eliminate the "one-time" waste problem; Enterprises should form joint forces for development, strengthen cooperation between enterprises and enterprises, as well as between enterprises and the government, scientific research institutions, industry associations and other parties, and jointly study and solve the problems and challenges in green development.

In addition, it is also crucial to improve the construction of green production standards system. At the meeting, the China Filament Weaving Association launched the "Initiative on Promoting the Green Development of the Industry" to the whole industry, providing a full standard basis for enhancing the sustainable development capacity of the industry, and helping the industry to achieve a more robust, green, healthy and high-quality development.

Butterfly transformation

Between "standing" and "breaking", the filament weaving industry resists the risk pressure and changes and upgrades in the complex external environment.

"At present, filament weaving enterprises in southern Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian and other eastern 'senior' industrial clusters rely on advantages such as proximity to the market, trade facilitation, and talent gathering, focusing on promoting high-end, intelligent, green, and brand development." In the early stage of developing the filament weaving industry, the emerging industrial cluster enterprises in the central and western regions have fully absorbed the experience of traditional cluster enterprises, stood at a higher starting point, and are focusing on transforming location advantages, resource advantages, and policy advantages into industrial advantages to achieve high-quality development." Wang Jiayi concluded.

According to the statistics of the China Filament Weaving Association, by the end of 2023, the scale of China's filament weaving industry loom reached 927,000 units (of which 855,000 water jet looms), and the total annual output of filament fabrics reached 63.1 billion meters, continuing to maintain a leading trend. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2023, the annual growth rate of business income of enterprises above designated size in the filament weaving industry is 4.9 percentage points higher than that of the textile industry.

"The filament weaving industry is the basic support to ensure the scale advantage and system advantage of the textile industry, an important engine to drive material innovation and equipment innovation, a key force to maintain the smooth operation of the global textile industry chain and supply chain, and a special position and important value in the development of textile new quality productivity." Sun Ruizhe, president of the China Textile Industry Federation, affirmed the stable operation of the filament weaving industry in recent years.

Sun Ruizhe pointed out that in order to maintain the steady growth of the industry, the filament weaving industry should further broaden its new vision and new realm in the future. "The industry should find a foothold and consolidate the cornerstone of manufacturing. We will strengthen research, development and application of equipment and technology to build a high-starting point and high-efficiency production system. In particular, we will seize the opportunity to replace old growth drivers with new ones, make proper use of large-scale equipment renewal policies, and replace production capacity. To find a balance point, optimize the spatial layout. Strike a balance between in-place upgrading and industrial relocation, and develop new quality productive forces in light of local conditions. To find the intersection, use the value lever. Grasp the correlation and coupling degree between capital and market, deepen the cooperation between industry and finance, and enhance the social, especially the capital market's awareness of the industry; To find a breakthrough point, speed up the transformation of digital intelligence. We will improve the application of digital and intelligent equipment, improve new infrastructure such as the industrial Internet and big data centers, and promote the construction of smart production lines, smart workshops and smart factories."

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