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Together with autumn and winter fashion, innovation leads the industry
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Brand, a large number of autumn and winter new products jointly launched, tens of thousands of buyers from all over the country gathered in Baima to explore autumn and winter business opportunities.

Brand Matrix focuses on new trends in the industry

Gather design vanguard strength, integrate brand unique style. Infinite Form · White Horse 2024 Autumn and Winter Joint ordering Ceremony Opening Ceremony and New Fashion Awards with its infinite creativity and unique charm, showcases the diversity and fashion sense of autumn and winter clothing, with the wonderful performance of the band, to bring the audience a unique fashion experience.

Colors blend and fabrics intertwine to show the new trend of 2024 autumn and winter in aesthetic creativity. Baima Selection Cottage, Pu Jue, its use, Dream House, Gardenia, 堓, Trace, Gostu 8 original design or quality supply chain brands jointly released new autumn and winter products, covering down jackets, knitwear, double-face cloth, cashmere coats and other categories.

This order will greatly stimulate the aggregation benefits of the professional market clothing trade platform, and create a creative and unlimited business opportunities for autumn and winter joint ordering meeting from multiple angles. Autumn and winter new products blend a variety of design elements and the unique aesthetic of the brand, there are series development, clothing collocation of the full category brand, there are also focused on the depth of single category research and development of the brand.

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