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We will accelerate the building of world-class advanced manufacturing clusters in the textile industry
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The textile industry is the traditional advantage industry of Shaoxing, and it is also the main force of Zhejiang to build a world-class advanced manufacturing cluster in the textile industry. However, the current development of Shaoxing textile industry faces challenges such as lack of chain master enterprises, low technological content, and urgent need to speed up digital transformation. To this end, it is suggested that --

Focusing on building the world's largest textile distribution center, we will accelerate the attracting of textile cutting-edge new materials, green intelligent high-end equipment and a number of chain reinforcement, strong chain, and extended chain projects, fully support enterprises to invest in technological transformation, and accelerate the improvement of the industrial chain.

Focus on building a modern textile science and innovation center, accelerate the formation of a "government-led + enterprise main body + university alliance + science and technology market" science and technology innovation system, create an industrial chain innovation alliance, and accelerate the layout of the "innovation chain".

Focus on building a textile fashion brand center, unswervingly promote the implementation of brand strategy, and accelerate the construction of a strong value chain.

Focus on building an international textile exhibition center, actively introduce high-quality exhibition subjects, strive to build high-end brand exhibitions, and accelerate the development of the exhibition industry.

Focus on building a textile headquarters gathering center, around the four main industries of new materials, high-end weaving, green printing and dyeing, and equipment manufacturing, and speed up the introduction of "chain master" enterprises.

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