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Polyester production continues to grow, industry concentration improvement
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In recent years, due to the continuous increase in social needs, Chinese polyester can continue to grow. Polyester as the main raw material of the textile industry and beverage packaging industry, the rapid development of textile industry and beverage industries is the main cause of rapid growth of polyester production capacity.

China's polyester production has increased from 50.55 million tons to 2021 to 2021 to 66.75 million tons, with an average annual growth rate of 6.85%. In 2015-2017, the growth rate of domestic polyester production in these three years has slowed on average annual growth rate of 4.48%. In 2018-2019, a total of 12.1 million tons of production capacity was increased. 2020-2011, domestic polyester production can continue to grow steadily, the industry re-emergence crisis, the growth rate of new production can slow down, 2021 to the current total of 4.67 million tons of capacity, delete 620,000 tons of waste production capacity, and some products The capacity correction adjustment is adjusted and the capacity growth rate is 4.69%.

In recent years, the market share of polyester faucet companies has gradually increased. According to Jin Dianchuang statistics, the number of polyester companies in China is currently 9, with a total capacity of 37.1 million tons, accounting for 55% of the total domestic polyester production capacity. Among them, Hengjing equipment is 8.13 million tons. New Fengming polyester can be 6.3 million tons. Tongkun polyester production capacity is 5.9 million tons, and three production capacity is 20.33 million tons, accounting for 30.35% of total domestic polyester production capacity. The market share is large. The leading polyester industrial pattern led by the leading enterprise is initially set.

This year, the new polyester increased production capacity is also the expansion of the expansion of leading enterprises. Among them, the new polyester production capacity of Hengjing Group will be 1.2 million tons of new polyester production capacity, and the new production can account for this year. 58% of the new production capacity. Leaders continue to expand the market share, both consolidating their competitive status, and strengthened the strength control of the leading enterprises. Polyester companies use long-wide industrial chains, large-scale, strong strength, and strong industrial chain, which will have more voice, so the brand effect and scale development in the future polyester industry. The company competes for important chips in the market.

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