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What is the dyeness of nylon thermal fuse?
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Nylon thermal fuses are a fiber product of a hot fuse, a hot fuse and a low melting point of fuse or fuse, one of the most rapid functional fibers in recent years. When the temperature reaches the melting point, the hot fuse will gradually melt and bond the other yarns together. The hot melt is divided into two kinds of polyester hot fuses and nylon thermal fuses, and the melting point is controlled between 85 ° C to 180 ° C by adjusting the raw material characteristics. The melting point of the nylon thermal fuse is low, and the melting point of the nylon thermal fuse is as low as 90C. It is characterized by good staining, and the staining of polyamide fibers is difficult than natural fibers, but it is still dyed by other synthetic fibers, which is generally stained with acid dyes. And the physical chemical performance is advantageous.

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