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China's textile industry enters the new development pattern of dual cycles
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In recent years, the global textile industry has been influenced by the global financial crisis, and the growth rate is slowed down. Especially in the past two years, it is affected by the epidemic, and the import and export trade of global textiles has been hit hard. At the same time, the Chinese textile industry has never stopped the pace of travel, and it has entered the high-quality development stage after depth adjustment.

In 2020, the new crown pneumonia epidemic is raged around the world, leading to the global part of the textile industry chain break, and my country's textile industry has a good industrial foundation, stable industrial structure, powerful industrial toughness advantages, and actively adjusts its response, in order to protect global epidemic prevention materials. Maintaining a global textile industry chain is an important role. Only 2020 March and December, my country's export masks of the global market export masks were equivalent to nearly 40 masks for each world outside China.

In 2021, with the China's epidemic prevention and control situation improved, China's textile industry took the lead in resume development, production scales have resumed the level of epidemic, and the export competitiveness is stable, and the domestic demand market continues to warm, and the enterprise efficiency accelerates repair. At present, China's textile and apparel exports occupy one-third of world textile exports. In more than 100 countries and regions, investment and cooperation has also covered the entire industrial chain, from raw materials, equipment to the final product of the industry chain.

At present, China is accelerating the construction of new development patches that have been promoted by domestic circulation as the main body and domestic international dual cycle. As the "main engine" and economic growth of China's expanded domestic demand, consumption is not only a strong support for the Chinese economy, but also provides powerful driving force for the world economic recovery, but also plays an important role in building a new development pattern. effect.

According to the vice representative of the Deputy Minister of Commerce and International Trade Negotiation, my country has become the second largest consumer market in the world. This year, overcoming the influence of the epidemic, consumption, the contribution rate of economic growth reached 64.8%. In addition, my country's consumption structure continues to optimize, and the sales of upgraded products are rapid, green, and health consumption continues to expand.

I said Sun Huaibin, in the background of the two cycle, we have to stick to the internal circulation, but it is not closed in the country, but it needs to continue to open the door, further adhere to the opening, improve the opening level, and use foreign resources to make up for the industrial Insufficient in the chain, at the same time, we must participate in the construction of "all the way", strengthen international production capacity cooperation, and achieve some domestic production capacity through the international market, let the international and domestic economic contributions, and the world economy contribute.

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