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Nylon thermal fuse manufacturers talk about nylon
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People are not strange to nylon, and nylon products in their daily lives are all. The emergence of nylon also makes the textile's appearance, its synthesis is a major breakthrough in synthetic fiber industries, and is also a very important milestone of polymer chemistry. I think everyone nylon is not very understanding. Let's let the nylon thermal fuse manufacturer give you a nylon?

NYLON is a statement of polyamide, English name Polyamide (PA) polyurethane fiber, which is the nylon - the world's first synthetic fiber. It is a general term that contains the thermoplastic resin containing the repeating amide group. Therefore, nylon has many types that are not only a certain substance. These also include aliphatic PA, fat-aromatic PA and aromatic PA. There is a large variety of aliphatic PA, large yield, extensive application, and it is named by the specific carbon atoms specific carbon atoms of synthetic monomers.

Nylon application

There are two main types of nylon applications, and the birth is mainly used as a textile raw material. This can be seen from the words of the nylon in many clothes signs. During the World War II, the nylon often used for paratroopers, military uniforms such as military uniforms, so that the nylon stockings have become a limited distribution product, so its price rose, so that the underlying poor women have to use the pen The shape of the seam similar to nylon stockings is hooked on his own legs, and it is called "magic stockings."

On the other hand, since nylon not only has non-toxic, light, but also has excellent mechanical strength, better wear resistance and better corrosion resistance. So nylon is used in manufacturing project plastics in the early 1950s to replace steel, iron, copper and other materials. Therefore, nylon engineering plastics is often used to make wear-resistant parts, transmission structural parts, household appliances parts, automotive manufacturing parts, and screw to prevent mechanical parts, chemical machinery parts, and chemical equipment. Such as turbines, gears, bearings, impellers, cranks, dashboards, drive shafts, valves, blades, rods, high pressure gaskets, screws, nuts, seals, shutrs, and ax sleeve connectors, etc.

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