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The difference between nylon thermal fuse and water-soluble yarn
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Water-soluble yarn is a soluble yarn spun from vinylon staple fiber through ring spinning. To put it simply, the yarn can be dissolved like salt in full contact with water. It has better water solubility. It can be dissolved in water of about 0-100 degrees according to different needs. In short, yarn meets A thread that melts like salt when it comes into full contact with water.

Thermal fuse wire, also known as low melting point wire or fusible wire, is one of the most rapidly developing functional fibers in recent years. As the name implies, when the temperature reaches the melting point, the thermal fuse will gradually melt, bonding other yarns together. Thermal fuse is divided into polyester thermal fuse and nylon thermal fuse. The melting point can be controlled between 85°C and 180°C by adjusting the characteristics of the raw materials.

However, nylon thermal fuse is made by spinning low-melting polyamide. Low melting point polyamide is a kind of modified polyester. The nylon thermal fuse yarn made by spinning low melting point polyamide has the advantages of low melting point, high thermal bonding strength and stable physical and chemical properties.

Water-soluble yarn is blended with other fibers to make the fabric feel softer and more fluffy! At room temperature, the thermal fuse is woven with other fibers to form a fabric, and then under dry heat or moist heat, pressure is applied to the fabric. When the temperature is higher than the melting point of the thermal fuse, the thermal fuse gradually melts. At this temperature, other conventional fibers remain unchanged and are bonded together by thermal fuse. Therefore, the hot fuse can replace chemical adhesives such as glue, avoid the pollution of volatiles and powder layer, is environmentally friendly and non-toxic; at the same time, it saves the process flow and reduces the downstream production cost.

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