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How to achieve strong corrosion resistance of nylon thermal fuse?
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Nylon thermal fuse is made by spinning low melting point polyamide. Low melting point polyamide is a kind of modified polyester. The nylon thermal fuse yarn made by spinning low melting point polyamide has the advantages of low melting point, high thermal bonding strength and stable physical and chemical properties. Nylon thermal fuse has been used in the industry, and is widely used in hot-air method of shoe upper manufacturing, yarn manufacturing, clothing manufacturing, seamless seam lock of clothing, vertical curtain of soft gauze and other textile fields. So how does the manufacturer ensure that the nylon thermal fuse is not corroded?

Because in the moisture-proof and anti-fouling solution of nylon thermal fuse, the ideal production and processing raw materials are first selected, and then the textile material is produced at the bottom end of the nylon thermal fuse and air-dried, thereby improving the abrasion resistance of the thermal fuse and improving its resistance. Compressive strength, while mastering the structure of the thermal fuse at different temperatures, so as to improve the performance of the nylon thermal fuse, thereby increasing the new compressive strength during application, so as to take into account the expected effect of the nylon thermal fuse solution. Scientific research on the performance of nylon thermal fuse is mainly to improve the performance of thermal fuse, such as the main damage to the performance of nylon thermal fuse.

The relative density method is adopted for hook-shaped nylon thermal fuse, which has a strong degree of fusion in the natural environment. The characteristics of nylon thermal fuse at different temperatures are harmful to a certain extent. At present, the proportion of typical thermal fuse is related to the percentage error. It is rare, and can be used to measure and predict the thermal fuse at different temperatures. Its application range is within a certain error range. In addition, it also takes into account the application compressive strength and structural compressive strength obtained by the customer, so that the customer Get the ideal product.

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