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Nylon thermal fuse spinning process
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The nylon thermal fuse has low melting point, thermoplasticity and self-adhesive, and soften melting into a viscosity having a fluidity when heated to a certain temperature, and then re-cooled into a solid after cooling. Hot fuses and conventional polyester, nylon, wool or other fiber mixed production nonwoven fabric or knitted or woven heat bonded fiber product: soft, high strength, high washable, easy to do, no environmental pollution, etc. feature. Melting conditions: dry heat. Wet heat can be. Main use: mainly playing thermal bonding, used in flying weave, sock shoes, webbing, sinens, thread cable, lace, Bondi line weaving, webbing, wool carpet, pad lining, car lining, etc. industry. So what is the process of nylon hot fuse? Let us walk into the world of nylon hot silk.

Special fibers are specially physically chemically structural, performance and use, or chemical fibers having special functions. Nylon thermal fuses are also such fiber products. Most special fibers are made of wet spinning. Some special fibers have a large difficulty process, such as spinning wire or less molecular weight, then circulating, cross-linking, metal chelation, high temperature heat treatment, surface physical chemical treatment or plasma, respectively. The process such as body treatment can be made to prepare finished fibers.

There is also a new type of spinning process such as emulsion spinning, reaction spinning, liquid crystal spinning, dry spinning, phase separation spinning, high pressure electrostatic spinning, high speed airflow melt spray and special composite spinning technology. Some use existing synthetic fibers to obtain various ion exchange groups or transformed into special fibers by a functional group reaction.

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