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A brief analysis of chemical fiber industry in the first three quarters of 2021
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Since this year, the industry's domestic and foreign challenges have been intricate, especially in the second half of the year, the domestic epidemic situation, the energy consumption of dual-control continues to increase, and the reaches of the industry's main operation indicators is obvious. The domestic demand market is stable, international demand has increased, and the industry is still good for industry economy. International oil prices have continued to rise to chemical fiber markets, but also increased enterprise production costs. Outlook all years, the operation of the chemical fiber industry will still face many tests, but the industry has a good development of toughness and risk resistance, will still achieve smooth development.

01 Production growth rate

In the first three quarters, the overall workload of the chemical fiber industry was maintained high, but in September, it was restricted by the energy-consuming dual-control limit, and the start-up load was rapidly declined. Taking straight polyester filaments as an example, the workload is about 85% in early September, falling to 75% in September; although in October rebounds, the overall is still in low-load operation, the monthly work is about 77%, the new year is new . According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, 1 to September, the chemical fiber production is 50.37 million tons, an increase of 13.54% year-on-year, in June 2019, and the average growth rate of chemical fiber production is 6.75%.

From the point of view, it is affected by the change in the changes of the end of the chemical fiber yield. This year, the chemical fiber production will fall uploaded monthly monthly, and the energy consumption dual-control limit is limited, and the single-monthly production in September is 2.0% year-on-year, from 1 to September chemical fiber production. The growth rate was reduced to 13.5%, and the growth rate was dropped by 3.6 percentage points over the first half of the year. From the average growth rate of two years, the average growth rate in the first three quarters remained stabilized and slowed down.

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