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Who can save near polyester factory promotion?
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Today, the polyester plant has ushered in the second promotion. The promotion is 500-600 yuan / ton, and the polyester production is not an ideal effect! The polyester production is only 88%, and the first time the promotion results will not be said to be very ideal. After the production and sales are high, the production and sales are still sluggish, and they are connected to about 20%.

Polyester high

Polyester filaments can be said to be "crazy", as of October 29, 202 (first promotion time), according to the data monitored by the silk network data, we found that due to the trend of the previous price At present, even if the promotion has fallen, the polyester wire of three conventional specifications is still very large. 150D FDY rose 750 yuan / ton compared to last month, the increase of 9.3%, 150D POY rose 795 yuan / ton compared with the previous month, increased by 10.2%, 150D DTY rose 1200 yuan / ton compared to last month, 2.9% increase.

After a month, it came to a high level, reaching the highest peak of this year, in such a high level, the polyester wire promotion has little, and the high price is desirable for the downstream weaving.

Social inventory is sufficient

The woven company can do not hesitate when "Buying", it will continue to rise, but once you encounter promotions, you will have the next polyester wire will drop again, and the drop will drop The entanglement mentality of weaving companies is also a cause of downturn in the production of polyester.

Previously, the polyester plant grasped the psychology of the "buy up and fell" of the downstream weaving enterprises. At the same time, the lower price of the lower reaches, the previous high-priced raw materials have not been digested, and the raw materials in the corporate hand are sufficient. Promotions to polyester factory are not particularly interested.

Terminal demand

At present, the market quotes are not very booming. After the self-restricted policy is relaxed, the market seems to have returned to the previous plain. Although the booting rate has increased, the tendo people have defective, production, and purchase of the positive and purchase of the textile people. For the procurement of raw materials and fabrics. Even if the power supply has been relaxed, the opening rate of the woven company is only restored to the level before the limit of electricity is around 75%.

According to market research, some companies have shown that the market is now gradually, and the market is gradually flat. It is not so big for the demand for polyester wire, and it is, because the global supply and demand balance caused by the epidemic breaks, the sea freight is skyrocketing, foreign trade orders There is no big amount of income, many companies also said that the peak seasonal icon generated by the current electricity is already broken, and the market has recovered the original appearance. Some business bosses speak straightforward: "The current market, never encountered, the next quote can not be estimated, only one step will be taken."

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