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Simple outline the difference between hot melt rubber adhesive omentum and hot melt film
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The difference between the hot melt rubber adhesive omentum and the hot melt film, many people will not be too clear from  hot melt rubber adhesive omentum and hot melt film, which is mainly because it is not enough to understand the product, I believe that if you know hot melt glue Membrane products, you know that there is actually a fundamental difference, here Xiaobian summarizes its main differences to help you find hot melt adhesive products suitable for you.

The difference between the  hot melt rubber adhesive omentum and the hot melt film

 1. Different of the characteristics of the properties brought by different production processes

   Since the hot melt film is made of a process process by blow molding, scraping, capping, etc., it is similar to the film, so it is not breathable compared to the hot melt rubber retina, the film is not breathable, and the process also determines The glue film containing the film is much higher, although the bonding fastness is stronger than the reticulum, but the negative impact brought by high glue is too hard, and the cost is high. The hot melt film is also divided into single-layer and double-layer structures, which are similar to the reticulum.

2, the difference between ingredients

      The type of thehot melt film is more, not only PA, PES, EVA, and TPU, but also PO and EAA ingredients, which makes the adhesive surface of the film, wider range of applications, and even the same ingredient, hot melt There are also many subdividences, such as the hot melt film of the TPU component, is also divided into low temperatures, high temperatures, special high temperature (high bounce), etc. to meet the needs of different users.

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