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Polyester market reverses, polyester filament may usher in a bull market
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Recently,polyester filament sets of equipment in the context of the dual control of the country, frequent news production, raw material supply-side reduction superimposed end to pick up, prices of polyester filament  manufacturers continue to turn, boost market atmosphere!

At present, the domestic weaving orders improved slightly warm in winter, down jacket fabrics can still take the goods, but mostly for domestic orders mainly clothing brand new single released a limited number, it is learned, most factories for domestic and double eleven National Day still some expectations. Therefore, investors do not rule out the order under the anticipated improvement in weaving, polyester side also expected to pick up the save.

Down inventory to meet the peak season

Since late August, the plant due to cash flow continued compression, high inventory began to appear, resulting in some enterprises gradually began to cut production, reduce losses, the operating rate continued downward, I understand that in August the domestic four mainstream leading polyester plant of its joint production 20% of capacity, while another Xiaoshan, Zhangjiagang, Ningbo, Huzhou, and other small plants also have varying degrees of production, involving production capacity of 5.139 million tons. And for downstream off-season in August, pre-weaving market as a whole has shown a weakness, which is the promotion of polyester yarns since August, most of the textile enterprises no reason any response.

However, entering in September, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Fujian and other areas of polyester filament plant spearheaded promotion, mainstream manufacturers in the production and marketing rate of 200% -800%, then the industry have varying degrees of promotion, as of September 13 the week, industry inventory has been reduced to 18 days, at a historic central location, while the polyester end although some restart, but by the dual control of the affected companies are still falling negative, to September 16 polyester operating rates to close to 84.67%. With the "Golden September and Silver October," the order issued in succession, polyester filament business cycle is expected to usher in low-database environment.

"Golden September and Silver October," no need to pessimistic

Factors by the lack of export capacity and shipping cost increases and other original export orders Q3 of the most advanced to Q2 issued, we believe that overall the "Golden September and Silver October," the seasonal just need to effect weakened, but due to the textile industry by fashion trends influence with differentiated and timeliness requirements, mostly for pre-order standard warp fabric and the like, knitwear orders limited digestion advance, as of September 13 week, the downstream machine operating rate of a 72% over the last 2% + , a moderate recovery in downstream demand, seasonality is expected to gradually just to be issued.

In addition, the same lack of income affect shipping capacity next year, "gold and three silver four" small market orders issued is expected 2-3 months in advance, prepared by the library to re-enter the downstream business stage, Q4 is expected to continue market.

Strong support costs end, polyester filament warm atmosphere of the recent market run, considering the recent downstream weaving has been moderate to cover short positions, and lower factory inventory pressure during double, or polyester filament floating space constraints, if the raw material is expected to come down significantly in the short term no, polyester filament, as the local inventory and specifications are still expected to rise.

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