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Difference between polyester heat fuse and polyester heat fuse
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Polyester thermal fuse is spun from low melting point acrylic resin. Low melting point acrylic resin is a modified material polyester.Polyester thermal fuse yarn made of low melting point acrylic resin has the advantages of low melting point, high thermal bonding compressive strength, and stable physical properties.

Characteristics of polyester thermal fuse:

1. Low melting point, the melting point of polyester thermal fuse is as low as 90℃

2. Good wear resistance. The wear resistance of polyamide fiber is the best among all textile chemical fibers.

What is the difference between polyester thermal fuseand polyester thermal fuse

3. High breaking elongation, the breaking elongation of textile polyamide fiber is 5.0~6.4g/d.

4. Good dyeability. The dyeability of polyamide fiber is more difficult than chemical fiber, but it is still easier to color than other man-made fibers. Generally use acid dyes for coloring.

Blending polyester with basic polyester or other chemical fibers to make non-woven fabrics or knits or woven products with heat-bonding chemical fibers, which are soft to the touch, high compressive strength, washable, stiff, easy to maintain, Features of non-environmental pollution.

The main purpose of polyester thermal fuse: key heating bonding function, used for wound sticking cotton yarn spinning, high tenacity webbing, wool carpet, cushion material, car lining and other fields.

2. Good flexibility. The ductility is close to the wool velvet, and the 5% to 6% of the stretch can basically be completely restored. The aging resistance is higher than other chemical fibers, that is, the textile does not wrinkle, and the specifications are reliable. The elastic mold is 22~141cn/dtex, which is 2~3 times higher than polyester. Nylon fabric has high compressive strength, strong ductility and strong ability to respond to work, so it is strong, durable, anti-aging and non-ironing.


3. Good thermosetting and poor melting resistance. Polyester has a smooth surface and an inseparable internal molecular structure. It is the fabric with the best temperature resistance among the fabrics. It is thermoset and can be made into short skirts with long folds. In addition, polyester fabrics have weak melting resistance and are very prone to perforations when exposed to soot and flames. Therefore, try to minimize touching cigarette butts, flames, etc.

4. The high temperature resistant polyester is made of melted spinning yarn, and the formed chemical fiber can be heated and melted again, which belongs to the thermosetting chemical fiber. Polyester fabric has a higher melting point, but lower specific heat and heat transfer coefficient, so it has higher temperature resistance and heat insulation. It is the best man-made fiber.

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