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The advantages of the use of Dragonfly hot fuses in Fujian
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Since the application of hot melt has long been gradually promoted, the production method of the upper end of the upper end of the two-sided large jacquard weaving is grasped, and the hot fuse is connected to the knitting layer during hand-knitted whole process. The fuse is dissolved, depending on the advantages of its own fiber tissue, make it a large strong and uniformity in the entire refrigeration process, and the application of new machine equipment has promoted the harmonic toughness of the toughness, now hot The advantage of the fuse production process has appeared.

At present, the application of hot melt spinning fabric applied to the handmade fabric is currently used as a critical application technology, and the fashioned apparel characteristics of software development are mastered, and the basic structural rods of the warbate fabric are mostly reflecting the basic structural rods of the wire fabric, and the textile special fabric brimple And the various basic principles of solid color, the key is to provide production manufacturing, theoretical foundation and service support, even if the upper cloth destroys a part of the hot melt fabric, even if the upper cloth destroys a part of the hot melt fabric, the upper double layer fabric is also unbounded together .

At present, according to the heat treatment edge rotating sleeve specification, it is a miniaturized application, and its sleeve specification can make the hot melt fused manually, and make the outer surface more smooth, the line relative density is uniform, the design is in the design The surface of the hole has an effective hot melt structure, in which the two surface layers of the inner holes in the device are coupled to each other, and the technical dual-knitting machine technology is complex and expensive.

In the new hot melt silk woven processing technology, the equipment technology stockings are included, according to the design of the electronics fixed speed cruise development, the equipment technology meat stockings have the ultimate, which can be used from solving the entire process of handmade goods. It is seen that the technology has changed the pattern design and production process, making the customer's strengths to give full advantage.

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