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September 16 Market: Polyester filament market counterattack or treatment plant secondary reduction
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The early PTA end is frequent: Yi Sheng's new material is 3.6 million tons / year devices to 70% operation. Hengli Petrochemical Plan for PTA-5 on October 8th involves 2.5 million tons / annual equipment 

maintenance, late October Performing PTA-3 involving 2.2 million tons / year, supplying reduction support Today's polyester master raw material PTA warm operation, under the dual control big pattern, polyester filament factory maintenance news is also constantly released: Shenghong Spring Festival device maintenance increase plan, Hua Ya lost 2-3 years, three-bedroom road stop a set of filament devices, boosted the market atmosphere, the demand is late, the profit is squeezed or has been departed, the market is counterattached or the secondary reduction Fixed.

      Recent polyester filament multi-set devices in the main context of the national dual-control, the output of production is frequent, supply reduction overlay raw material end morning atmosphere is warm, polyester filament Zhejiang several major plants announced FDY Push 100, boost market Atmosphere, the birth sales situation is generally poor, as of September 14, 15:40, the mainstream production and sales of the sample factory, the part is better to do, mostly at 2-4%.

From the perspective of profits, the mainstream model of polyester filament is still compressed. According to data, the mainstream model of polyester long wire is shocking at the edge of the cost line. At present, the profit still has a narrow squeezing space. In the short term, or because the following two situations are extruded:

First, due to high stock high, promotion take the initiative to make profits;

Second, the raw material end rises passively extruded. In the current supply of total supply, most of the mainstream largest reduction is around 1%, some factories still have reduced load expectations, have not been implemented, and the short-term market is looking for balance points starting with the drying machine and downstream loom. Polyester factory reduction is still not in place.

From the downstream demand, weaving starts rise slow, and the low-level shock is started. According to the statistics of Longzhong Information Statistics, the integrated operation rate of chemical fiber woven from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, as of September 9, which increased by 0.83% from the previous month. Knitted autumn and winter warm fabric promotion is main, but due to high inventories in front of the gray cloth, first consume the previous period, some models open the spring fabric next year, and considering that the current brand garment stock is also in high, if the demand is delayed, it is not clear It is expected that the downstream loom or use the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays to reduce production, demand or have a weakness.

In summary, polyester filament profits are once again squeezed or have been settled. Next, it is necessary to pay attention to the market two-wheeled production and demand and demand. It is recommended that market participants will be prudent to prudently, and maintain just needed.

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