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How to distinguish hot melt adhesive film and hot melt omentum?
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     Hot-melt adhesive film and hot-melt omentum are the two same types of adhesives that make it difficult for non-professionals to distinguish between male and female. In many scenarios, it is confirmed that it is a bit difficult for users to choose. What is the difference between hot-melt adhesive film and hot-melt omentum is similar to the previous popular question "What is the difference between hot-melt adhesive film and hot-melt omentum". In this article, let's talk about the difference between hot melt adhesive film and hot melt omentum from another angle.

Before talking about their differences, let’s briefly talk about the similarities between them, which can be summarized in the following aspects:

(1) All are processed and produced with hot melt adhesive polymer particles as the core raw material;

(2) The conditions of use are: heating and pressurizing;

(3) In terms of temperature resistance: the adhesive film and omentum of the same material type are basically consistent in high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance;

(4) Function and role: Both are used for composite bonding of materials.

The similarities of hot-melt mesh and hot-melt mesh are basically summarized in the above four aspects, but their differences may be far more than four aspects. If you look at the difference between the two from a large category, it can be summarized relatively simple, such as:

(1) Different formulas and processes: the formulas of hot-melt adhesive film and hot-melt mesh film are different; at the same time, their production processes are also different;

(2) The conventional physical form is different: Although both are hot melt adhesive products, the adhesive film looks like a plastic film, while the omentum looks more like a layer of non-woven fabric with irregular voids;

(3) The difference of release materials: According to the process, the adhesive film can be divided into three types: release paper, release film, and light film; hot-melt net film is conventionally without any release material (special release Type paper hot-melt mesh film is not in the scope of discussion)

(4) The air permeability of the hot-melt mesh film is better; the waterproof performance of the hot-melt adhesive film is relatively good;

(5) The applicable composite processes are different: Although the functions and functions of the two are the same, there are still differences in their process requirements for material composite.

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