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"Discarded textiles" shows up at web celebrity, and sustainable fashion works show up in 2020 "caring for the future"
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Cotton for partition, bamboo for exhibition frame, no pungent spray painting...... A special fashion show has gone viral over the past two days, with discarded textiles turning into web celebrity clock points and recycled clothing giving off a "second life".

CARE FOR FUTURE 2020 Sustainable Fashion Works Exhibition and International Academic Week, sponsored by Shanghai International Fashion And Creative Institute of Donghua University under the guidance of Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission, opened on November 23 at Shangfu Creative Park, No. 161, Lane 996, Hongqiao Road.

At the exhibition site, white cloth, bamboo poles and a projector are used together. The light shines on the screen through the projector. All kinds of colors and images make you feel like you are in a world of dreams. Inspired by the pillar plinth, a component of ancient Chinese architecture, the designer USES concave stone components as the foundation of the exhibition frame, which is stable and solid, and minimizes the damage to the site.

Bamboo itself is one of the raw materials for clothes hangers in the old days. The bamboo poles in Shanghai's old alleys also tell the story of The Times. "We wanted to use bamboo as a prop and recycled cloth as the content. The organic combination of the two highlights the 'sustainable' environmental theme, thus reconstructing the infinite imagination between cloth and bamboo." This exhibition designer Donghua University foreign teacher Zheng Nianming said.

In the exhibition, the product design of the team from Donghua University applied digital design and production techniques and technologies such as full garment forming, 3D printing and digital printing to explore ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the fashion industry. The ICICLE and Klee Klee brands aim to reduce the environmental impact of the production process and advocate the preservation of nature through non-dyeing products. The sustainable fashion pioneer brand "Recycled clothing Bank" has implemented the fashion application of recycled materials such as RPET. LangerChen has innovated the combination of recycled materials and functional textiles to launch the environmental protection "all-weather clothing" series.

"73% of the existing fashion system ends up in landfills or incinerators. The low recycling rate is a major challenge for the fashion industry to waste environmental resources. Upgrading and recycling have become an important way for the fashion industry to provide a regenerative life cycle for fashion products."

Donghua university, Shanghai international fashion creative director of the institute, said Dr Li Jun "this is the first time in domestic academia combing sustainable fashion system, from the fashion education concept, and gang culture, the relationship between design, material and so on each link, the resonsideration, reduction, circulation of sustainable solutions, fashion will be sustainable fashion brand innovation education and linkage, contributing to build a global sustainable fashion ecological system of Chinese wisdom and solutions in China."

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